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Eto Misa "Decision" Full Scans 2nd Photobook

In that recent mini series 'Who is the most popular woman here' to my shock Eto Misa took the top spot and it wasn't even close. The average views for her posts was well over 1,900 which was close to 400 more than the second place finisher. No doubt that average will increase with this post which soon should become the most viewed post of the year though still have a few more photobooks to get to soon which actually may be better.
 This is a solid book but we have seen many of the top pics already as there was a Twitter page set up for the PB which must have had over 200 pics from the book or outtake ones. Like so many Idols recently misa eto really tantalized us with some of these pics and you have to wonder who the first active Idol will be who does do more than tease us. Miru in her new PB has done that too and wouldn't doubt if one of these days someone does kind of go all the way.

Full Scan eto misa decision Photobook Scans HD HQ Quality Picts. Former Nogizaka46 member misa eto 2nd Photobook Decision Scanned PB. The cover and title "Decision" of EX-Nogizaka46 Eto Misa second photobook was revealed on 6 November 2019. The photobook was produced in mid-September in Portland, USA, shortly after Cover photobook Eto Misa "Decision" Reguler edition 7net limited edition Rakuten limited edition HMV limited edition.

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